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Workspace K2 Cloud
Categories SmartForms
Created by Harm Wieringa
Created on Oct 3, 2022

Add a filter for Transfer Data to only show the selected controls in K2 Designer

When designing a SmartForm, the Transfer Data action shows the developer a list with all parameters and controls on the SmartForm and included Views. When there are a lot of items it is hard to see which controls are used in the Transfer Data action because you have to scroll down the list to find all instances.

To be able to quickly find only the items that are used in the Transfer Data action, a check box control can be added to the interface, to act as a filter for selected items. When this filter check box is selected, only the parameters and controls that are selected are shown. If this filter check box is not selected, all parameters and controls are displayed (same behaviour as the current implementation).

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  • Harm Wieringa
    Oct 12, 2022

    The availability of this filter does not need to be limited to Transfer Data only. It would be very helpful to have this in all Actions that show a list of controls that are on a Form and included Views.