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Status Open for voting
Created by Unknown Unknown
Created on Jul 10, 2019

Improve how a user can find Promapp functions

Would like to have a 'Where to find' tab or search field or option in cog wheel drop down. As a relatively new user still learning to navigate Promapp, some things are difficult to find (quickly). For example, currently the Change Log is (hidden) under the Map tab which does not seem to be a logical connect given most of the time we are in the Procedure tab.
Using the Help Search function compounded my navigation difficulties by producing a lot of blurb but not giving me a one line 'where to find' response (see attached).
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thank you for this suggestion, I can see how this would be valuable. This is not on our near term roadmap but I have opened it up for voting to gauge wider interest.

    On the help front we are moving to a new help system that will make searching and navigation MUCH easier. I expect that to roll out over the next several months (some of the topics have already moved so stay tuned)
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