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Status Open for voting
Categories General
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 17, 2020

Cost Summary Tab on Process Group Maps

Provide a cost tab on the Group Process Map that displays a sum total of all the calculate sub processes total and allow for export to Excel.

There currently is no "Cost" tab available on the Process Group level. Our company provides process efficiency consulting as a part of our sales cycle and need to show an ROI comparison of the current process cost and the estimated cost of our proposed process. Currently on process maps, the cost calculations of sub processes when included (Excluded not checked) in the parent process are recalculated at the annual volume of the linked processes, so if the volume of the linked process is a only a portion of the parent, the summed up costs on the parent process are not accurate. As a work around, I exclude all linked processes and create a spreadsheet of all the costs for each linked process that makes up the end-to-end process. Therefore, my suggestion is to add a cost tab to the Process Group and show line items for each process identified on the group map along with a summation of costs as calculated on each of the sub processes maps at the group level as line items on this cost new tab. There is no need to enter Timeframes at the group level, just a line item for each process in a cost tab. The ability to include and exclude on Process Group Maps would be helpful, but this could be a checkbox on the process level.
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  • Kerry Hiki
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thanks for the suggestion. This isn't on our roadmap right now so we'll open this for voting and monitor interest from other clients.