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Status Not Planned
Categories Runtime
Created by Guest
Created on Jun 27, 2017

External Start workflow to support response content

External start to return results in the REST response body, in json format or xml.
    Sep 7, 2022
    Thank you very much for posting your feedback. At this time, we will not be adding this request to the product.
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  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    adding more details to the idea... basically this turns a Nintex Workflow Cloud into a RESTful Web Service method. It will be a challenge as a workflow might take days to be completed especially if it handles pending stage such as waiting for someone to approve a task.

    As such, setting criteria for this idea to work is critical. E.g. only if the workflow has no wait/pending stage/action(s) involved, or else it will return message such as "immediate response not supported".

    Expected return of value(s)/response could be identify by the "Output" variable as it supports today.
  • Guest
    Sep 7, 2022
    I have another idea shared “Capture of Request Content in workflow variable”
    This idea allows a workflow in Nintex Workflow to capture the request content/body, if this idea is supported, we can make Nintex Workflow Cloud’s workflow as a “callbackurl” once a workflow responded to this workflow, the final workflow can do something such as update external system with the initiated workflow’s result.