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Status Already Exists
Categories Runtime
Created by Tye
Created on May 8, 2024

It would be nice in NAC to be able to edit previously submitted form data in instances that Fail or Terminate, either in the Table or Code when looking in Instances run or Edit the Form Start Data so that something can be corrected before resubmitting a workflow instance that had failed or needed to be terminated for some reason.

Often times, we can have very rich and full Forms that trigger a workflow. Sometimes after a flow has been submitted it may have incorrect data (this is not something that can be validated correctly or handled with rules). Example we have an onboarding process and the team member misspelled an email entry. Currently they would have to start from scratch and initiate a whole new form. If we could administratively go into that instance and make slight modifications to the code or form after submittal in order to resubmit, would save some time.

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  • Admin
    Kate Huynh
    May 14, 2024

    Hi Tye,
    Thanks for reaching out.

    This capability does already exist, dubbed Copy form data:

    This feature enable Participants to copy their previous submissions, or Business owners to copy the submissions for workflows they own.

    Clicking the Copy form data button will open a new instance of the form and copy the previous values across, users are now able to modify the data. On submit, the newly triggered instance is not linked to the previous instance.


    Kate Huynh