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Groups - The "everyone" group

We need the ability to restrict everyone with the exception of a Global Admin to use this group for permissions. We do not want Designers using the everyone group. We have to remove this permission often by signing into a test "Designer" account w...

API Promapp - Improvements - Where is the Target Investigation Completion Date field?

This is a really important focus for our reporting but we cannot find it? Why not?
Elizabeth Keenan 10 months ago in Nintex eSign (formerly Nintex AssureSign) / API 0

Integration with telephony systems

The ability to link the discovery console to internal telephony systems to capture the full, accurate end to end process including any conversations with customers or third parties to add context to captured processes
Daniel Orman 10 months ago in Nintex Process Discovery / Process Discovery console 0 Open for voting

Read Only console access

The ability to set up users from across the business to have read only access to the Console which will allow them to view processes to determine if suitable for automation for example but will deny them the ability to make any changes/delete any ...
Daniel Orman 10 months ago in Nintex Process Discovery / Process Discovery console 1 Open for voting

Add decription field to roles as per example of systems

This improvement would allow to explain in more detail exact content of the role , this will also avoid duplicating roles.
Guest 10 months ago in Nintex RPA (formerly Nintex Kryon RPA) / Admin 0 Open for voting

Smartsheet - Include displayvalue in returned object

The Update a Row and Get a Row actions will return a Smartsheet object containing a cell's value. Often, cells will also have a "displayvalue", which is the formatted value of a cell. As an example, within Smartsheet, the value for a cell may be 1...

Browse Files Option

Today, when running Attended mode, most users need to load files for RPA and browse to file location to find the data file to run. We have tried the Get Files option, but it does not appear to allow you to choose different folders. We feel this is...
Guest 10 months ago in Nintex RPA (formerly Nintex Kryon RPA) 0 Open for voting

Reports for policies

Governance reports specifically for policies, as opposed to processes, or a way to distinguish policies from processes after downloading the reports to excel.
Guest 10 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) 0 Open for voting

Add 'include minimode link when exporting' option for all Promapp reports

Some Promapp/Process Manager reports do not have the option to export to Excel and include the minimode link. The link provided in the PDF version only works for Promapp users, it is not the minimode link, and cannot be used by anyone else. We req...
Guest 11 months ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / General 1 Planned

Detect Deletions from a SharePoint List

We have workflows that start when an item is added to or modified in a SharePoint list, but it would be really nice if the workflow could start when seomthing is deleted from the list as well.
Kaylee 11 months ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Workflow Designer 3 Open for voting