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Reporting for declined processes

To report on the capability of users and identify trends it would be helpful to have an option to pull a report on declined processes. Currently, the only report that would provide this information is the Process Change report however this takes h...
Emily Cumberland 2 days ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Reporting 0

Resolve email address to user FQN during task assignment.

When a task is assigned to an email address, the current behavior is to use the user portion of the email address to assign the task and strip the @ sign and domain. This causes an issue when the username and the email address are different. The o...

Escalate task to multiple assignees

At present, we can only escalate tasks to a single assignee. Customers who utilize this feature tend to escalate tasks to more than one assignee or to a group. We need the ability to escalate tasks to a collection of emails, a text of semi-colon s...

Route eSign Envelopes to the selected Sub Account for Shared eSign Templates

In DocGen for Salesforce + eSign Delivery - When a eSign Template has been Shared to a Sub Account, The Envelope creation is still created in the eSign Parent Account. Currently, the only way to ensure an Envelope is created in Sub Account is to E...

SmartObject Usage

In our system i would like to know which Views / Forms and Workflows a certain SmartObjects is used. It would be great if we have a page that will shows us: The K2 Artifact that uses the SmartObject The Method that is being called SmartForms Rule ...
Jean Smit about 12 hours ago in K2 Cloud / SmartObjects 0

Add Location column to search scope

In Nintex Analytics, it would be great if Location was included in the inline search scope for workflows and instances, so we don't have to export and interrogate.
Unknown Unknown about 16 hours ago in Nintex Insights 0

Ability to sort variables by name

It would be very helpful to be able to add a sort function to any list of variables so they can be sorted by name rather than just by created date because after numerous updates, its hard to track a) how long ago a specific variable was created an...
Gregory Chao 1 day ago in Nintex Automation Cloud (formerly Nintex Workflow Cloud) / Workflow Designer 0 Open for voting

Surface all changes in Process Change Log report

Problem to Solve Currently the 'Process Change Log' report does not actually show all of the updates that are displayed in the change log. Background Feedback from customer:"More of the important change descriptions would be great, at present it s...
Jonathan Butler 1 day ago in Nintex Process Manager (formerly Promapp) / Reporting 0 Open for voting

Fix historical data used with data sources and tables (data)

We have realized early on that data sources and tables are a great source for choice fields or lookup fields however, when filters and conditions apply to these sources that are no longer applicable (the condition isn't met after the fact), start ...

Warn and prevent users from building a page that's beyond the size limit

In Skuid on Salesforce (SFX), it's possible to build and save a page that's larger than the character limit. Skuid's page composer should visually show a user how large the page is (its XML length) in comparison to how close they are to the limit....
Mark DeSimone 7 days ago in Skuid / SFX 1