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Allow Variables to be used in Excel Macros

This would allow the use of dynamic values in excel macros when inserting formulas, etc. in Excel.
Guest 4 months ago in Studio 0

Git versioning system in Nintex RPA Studio

I think it would be very nice to have something like git implemented in the studio. The current versioning system only lists changes very rudimentary. Like "Step 2: Advanced command changed" ... if step 2 consists of more than 1 advanced command y...
Sascha Steinberg 5 months ago in Studio 0

Allow ability to adjust bubbles using arrow keys to fine-tuning

Allow ability to adjust bubbles using arrow keys to fine-tuning. The mouse is very clunky to do fine-tuning locations for the bubbles.
Kerrie Boyd 6 months ago in Studio 0

Kryon Studio - Ability to save with errors

Need the ability to save a wizard if there are errors. If we are starting from a recording and there are errors, there are times we do not have the time to fix all of them. Since it will not save when errors exist, we lose all the work we have rec...
Kerrie Boyd 6 months ago in Studio 0

Kryon Studio - Change Status when opening Published version for Editing (Draft)

When editing a wizard that has already been published, change the status for the new version - if saved - to Draft. Currently it seems that any change made to the wizard is automatically published when saved and there is not ideal in many situatio...
Kerrie Boyd 6 months ago in Studio 0

Kryon Studio - Bubble alignment issues - Add Gridlines

Bubble location on the designer vs bubble location when the bot runs are not the same. It is a guessing game in the designer as to where the bubble will appear and then try to adjust. (FYI: Display settings checked, browser window maximized). It w...
Kerrie Boyd 6 months ago in Studio 0

Stop button shortcut (SI-479721/KC#00491462)

This request came from Yazaki.As of now both “do it“ and “do it from this step” have shortcuts, stop as none. being able to stop on a dime is very handy during development. Thanks
Guest 7 months ago in Studio 0

Allow Global Function local save

As Global Function can be shared between clients, we should be able to locally save it and reload it on another server
Guest 7 months ago in Studio 0