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Form Filling Experience

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Support of Lookup field additional columns

From a lookup field settings, it's possible to add additional columns to show each of these according to the selected item.On SharePoint Online these additional columns are available and can be displayed for instance in a list view.At the moment, ...
Patrick 21 days ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Voice narrator to read titles of all field

Visually impaired users find it difficult to read the field the form fields especially dropdown fields as voice narrator tools cannot read the title. Further details available in Nintex Support Case #00532051 including videos explaining the experi...
Guest 28 days ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Spell check for new responsive form Rich Text

would it be possible to add in spell check for the new responsive form?
Evan Kalynchuk 29 days ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Idle session time out error is not intuitive to end users

If Nintex new responsive forms on O365 is idle for a long time, the session times out in the background. However after the user has filled all the fields in the form and he hits Submit button, the alert appears "Unable to Save. Object reference no...
Shadab 4 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Apply Rule on Submit button

We have a form in place that depending on how user answers the questions they should or should not be able to Submit. I would like to hide the Submit button until all proper data has been entered. Is there a way to hide or disable the Submit butto...
Liga 5 months ago in Form Filling Experience 2

Multi-currency control

The currency control should allow a user to specify a currency and then enter an amount. Currently, the form designer has to specify a single currency for the control and then publish it, leaving the user of the form no option but to use that sing...
JeffO 5 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Use IsMemberofGroup with runtime variable

Currently, we must use static text for the SharePoint group name with the IsMemberOfGroup and can only be used inline. If a SharePoint group is added to a people-picker column, there's no feature to check if the current user is a member of that gr...
Guest 7 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Nintext forms support on both mobile apps SharePoint and Teams

We raised a support case to Nintex informing that opening a form from the mobile SharePoint application (official) and also from the mobile Teams application (official), it was not working from certain phones (IOS).We got as an answer from the Nin...
Guest 12 months ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Date and Number fields should respect users personal regional settings

Currently Nintex Forms do not respect the users personal regional settings defined in their Sharepoint user profile for date and number fields. Nintex Forms are using the Sharepoint site collections regional settings. This results in different dat...
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0

Cannot manually enter date into Date Field - must click thru calendar to choose

Users cannot manually type in a date into the Date Field. They must click thru calendar to find the year & month to select. Many users prefer to type in their own date. Clicking ahead years is cumbersome & allows for mistakes. tks, sue
Guest about 1 year ago in Form Filling Experience 0 Not Planned